Machinist Bio's

David Hanson, Journeyman Machinist/Shop Manager -

At 27 David Hanson may not be the most experienced machinist in Victoria but he does have tremendous resources to lean on.  Completing his apprenticeship under Mike Milroy in March 0f 2010 David has been working for Milroy Engineering ltd. since April 2006 as a machinist, a fabricator and as a project manager. 

Paul Regan, Journeyman Machinist -

Paul comes from Alberta and brings 16 years of machining, manufacturing and company management experience.  Aside from a broad range of expertise including 5 axis machining he also possesses experience in 3D modeling, jigs and fixtures and plays a MEAN guitar.

Mike Milroy, Journeyman Machinist, PEng Mechanical Engineering, Owner -

Mike began his Machining apprenticeship at United Engineering in the 80's. Once completing it moved on to such things as electronics and Mechanical Engineering.