Mechanical Engineering Bio.

Mike Milroy is a mechanical engineer specializing in industrial automation and product development.  Mike first became interested in automation while framing houses in Victoria in the 70’s.  House framing was hard work, which made automation an interesting prospect– why not build machines to do the work, and then sit around while the money poured in!  So Mike went off to vocational school to become a machinist, the start of his learning to build machines.  After 5 years as a machinist at United Engineering in Victoria he quit to take electronics at Camosun College.  After a few more years in Industry he returned to school, earning a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at Lakehead University, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UVic.  Graduating in 1995, he worked at Contech Electronics and Creo Products (now Kodak), then started Milroy Engineering Ltd. in 2000.