Fishing Bio



   Hi all, my name is Neil Hanson and I have been fishing for just about as long as I can remember.  Now if you consider my age you may think that is a long time.  However, I have taken some time off over the years to do things like travel and bring children into the world.  I would by no means consider myself a Pro, but if you buy into the phrase that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish, then I am at least closing in on the top group.


           I started fishing on the river Thames as a youngster with my Dad.  In those days we measured the fish in ounces not pounds.  Once on holiday Dad caught a fish that was 2 lbs and it was by far the biggest fish that I had seen.  I am not sure but I think Dad still marks the date on the calendar every year.  We left England (the land of small fish) in 1968.

          We moved to Richmond BC where we turned our fishing attention to the Fraser River. There I angled for the mighty Bullhead and maybe the odd Sunfish.  Little did I know such things as Sturgeon lurked in those muddy waters.  My best memory of that time was also my first experience fishing for Salmon.  A friend of my father took us out off Tsawwassen in a small car topper.  There we were promptly surrounded by a pod of “Killer Whales”.  Now I use the term Killer Whale because that is they were described to us.  I am not sure my Father strayed far from shore much after that. We left Vancouver in 1970.

We landed in Victoria where we tried out hand at fresh water fishing.  I will not go into great detail here, but suffice it to say that to this day I am not sure what Trout taste like.